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Find a wide choice of equipment for work at height but also safety clothing and shoes, PPE, bags and accessories. L'Équipeur Lyon, specialist in PPE, personal protective equipment, rope access equipment, work equipment at height.

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  • Equipment for work at...

    Online purchases of equipment for work at height, fall protection, blockers, ropes, load fall arresters, cable fall arresters, descenders, carabiners and connectors, safety harnesses and fall arrest harnesses. All the necessary rope access equipment for professionals. Buy your equipment Petzl, Camp, Singing Rock, Neofeu, Miller, Skylotec, Béal, etc....

  • Pruning equipment

    You will find in this category all the equipment you need for your activity.

    We can answer your technical questions by phone on 04 72 82 87 21 or by email by clicking here

    All our products are standardised and meet the requirements of pruners. We have selected them with professionals in this field

    Our partners in the field of pruning: Petzl, Miller, Komet, Camp, Teufelberger, Art, Antec, Courant, Béal, Dmm, Edelrid, Kong, Neofeu, Silky etc...

    For climbing in trees and for dismantling, you will find: anchors, lanyards, harnesses, handles, blockers, ropes, descenders, throw bags, reinforced lanyards, carabiner, adjustable lanyards, pulleys, prussik, straps etc...

    Also at L'EQUIPEUR, you can find all the appropriate protective clothing: cut-resistant shoes, cut-resistant clothing, helmets

  • Protection of the person

    The Team member is the specialist in personal protective equipment (PPE) and work clothing. Buy your personal and work protection equipment online. Safety shoes: Timberland Pro, Diadora, Volare, ect.... Protective gloves: Anti-cut, Anti-cold, leather, coated fabric, etc... Safety goggles and masks, Workwear, Timberland Pro, Mascot, Diadora, Snickers, etc.

  • Bags - Emergency -...

    Online purchases of first aid kits, fire blankets, stretchers, fire extinguishers and eye washers. Online purchases of traffic signs, markers, etc.


    The Team Leader offers equipment for industrial work. ATEX equipment, for confined space and sanitation, fall arrest with high automatic return, motorized equipment and emergency equipment.

    The industrial standards are very specific, the Team member will answer your problems to secure you.

    Equip yourself with all ATEX products to access high-risk areas. Need equipment for confined spaces? Come and get equipped on the team

  • Tools - Miscellaneous...

    Crate, telephone, rope access knife, cutting pliers, leatherman pliers, soap, tool bag.

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items