How the loyalty bonus works :

Each of your orders will credit your account with n loyalty points.
The system for calculating loyalty points works as follows :

Total of the orderLogic of the loyalty program
Situation :An order of 1896 €1 loyalty point for every 10 € of purchase
So we have a quick calculation to do :1896 ÷ 10 = 189 loyalty points1 loyalty point is worth €0.20
So, we calculate the total value of the points :189 points multiplied by 0.20 €189 x 0,20 = 37,80 €

So, for an order of 1896 €, you collect 189 loyalty points which you can convert into a voucher with a 37,80 € value.

The points that are credited, during your various orders, are cumulative.
They are unlocked upon delivery of your order and are valid for 1 year.
During this period, it is up to you to convert them into a discount voucher whenever you want.

Would you like more information about the loyalty program? Contact us on 04 78 87 87 46 45